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The ISSF rules don’t forbid the use of the electronic via Smartphone. The connection via Bluetooth of the Smartphone is visible thanks the blue Led placed on the battery holder. We suggest in any case to NOT use the connection of the electronic via Bluetooth on your smarthphone during any competition. We also inform you that to avoid any shipping problems, the battery is not supplied but must be purchased separately.

The new electronic board for CM162EI/84E and CM200EI works with a 3V Lithium Battery CR2.


This new version of electronic from Repich Sport & Shooting SA focus on the practice at home. The missing practice at the shooting range can impact negatively on the shooting. Based on that, Repich Sport & Shooting SA developed an new electronic which contains the following functions:

  • Control of the shooting movement during the training session.

  • Register the own session with visualisation of the results in future.

  • Give an accurate idea of own movements during the pressing of the trigger tongue just a moment before the pellet is released.

  • Verify own movement a moment before and after the pellet is released.

  • Visualisation of the angle in relation of the horizontal Axle

  • Regulation of the reaction time of the Solenoid.


Thanks of the development of this new electronic by Repich Sport & Shooting SA, we can digitally precisly follow the mouvement of the shooter and in real time.



Connection via Bluetooth:

  • Open the “Morini Competition Arm SA” App.

  • Select the page: “Connection”

  • Turn on the electronic

  • Click on: “Search”

  • Click on: “Connection”


In settings you can select the following functions:


  • Language: Italian, English, German and French.

  • Reaction time: “Reaction time” shows the velocity of the trigger and can be individually adapted.


Morini CM162EI is still one of the best pistol in the world. The old electronic has a slower reaction time, while the one of Morini CM200EI has been reduced from 1.6ms to 0.3ms. For the beginners this fast reaction time could be to much. For better understanding here are listed the different trigger speeds of the Morini Models:

  • Morini CM162MI: ~ 3.5ms

  • Morini CM162EI: 1.6ms

  • Morini CM200EI: 0.3ms

This new generation of electronic board gives the opportunity to regulate individually the

speed of the electronic from 0.1ms to 1.6ms.

  • Handle: To reset the target green line on the sensor page, please access the settings menu, position your pistol under a table as straight as possible and click reset in the handle line.



This is the heart of the new app. Following functions can be seen:

  • Target. Here you can see your horizontal movement on the Axle.

  • Graphic in pink and blue. The pink column shows the average of the movements of the pistol during the session. The blue column shows the average of the movements of the pistol just before the shot.

  • Kartesian Graphic. Shows the exact movement in real time, by selecting the “real time” button. While pressing the trigger, the blue triangle shows the exact movement in realtime. This allow to visualize the graphic of the movements in realtime, by selecting this function.

  • #Shots and Reset of the shots. Thanks to this function and after having changed the battery, the exact number of the shots done will be shown. We suggest to reset the function “numbers of shots” by every change of the battery. We tested, that with a new battery, it’s possible to shoot 32’-33’000 times.

  • Save Data. This function allows to save every single shot. The saving function will be doneon the memory of the smartphone and can deleted on the page “History”.

  • Analyse History. Thanks this function the Hystory can be visualised and analysed if saved.



This page visualize all the sessions done. You can delete the History by clicking on: “delete all history”.



With this new electronic circuit, we wanted to semplify the troubleshooting in case of a malfunction of the gun, here are listed all the possible problems that can occur, error codes are shown just after the circuit tests:

  • 1 Blink: contact of the trigger are open, please put more weight on second stage spring. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please contact reseller.

  • 2 Blinks: Solenoid not working, please contact reseller.

  • 3 Blinks: Electronic board not working, please contact reseller.


Download here the user manual in different languages: English, German, Italian and French.

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